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Update by user Jul 28, 2013

I called the hotel (La Quinta in Omaha) directly and the head office and they both informed me that I could cancel up until 6:00 PM the day of my reservation but since I made the reservation online through a 3rd party I had to go to the site I made the reservation through.So, back to

They informed me that it was Priceline who they booked hotels through and that it was the hotel's policy they were going by. I informed them of the conversations I'd had with La Quinta regarding the 6:00 PM cancellation time. Interestingly enough, the La Quinta site now says they require 48 hrs. lead time to cancel.

I have a feeling that it's up to the individual hotel, though since the one I had booked were fine with canceling and rebooking for free. At any rate, DogFriendly chose to ignore what La Quinta had told me and steered me towards Priceline. On the upside, DogFriendly did refund me $20.00 and they were at least willing to engage in an email exchange and didn't just ignore me.

My suggestion is never use a 3rd party to book a hotel room.Book directly with the hotel.

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I booked a hotel room with car broke down the day before I was to leave on my trip.

I was stranded and unable to contact them to change my reservation. When I finally got home 6 hours later I called and found out they would not cancel my reservation for the next day and they were keeping my entire $105.00. They would not let me talk to a supervisor.

Do not book with this site.If you have an unforeseen circumstance they basically don't care and are too rigid to make an exception to their absurd policy.

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Dogfriendly - Rigid Hotel Room Cancellation Policy

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I was supposed to check into a hotel I'd booked through car broke down and I couldn't leave for my vacation until a day later than I'd expected.

It took me 6 hours to do what is usually a 1 hour drive. By the time I got home to call to cancel and rebook my reservation it was past time to be able to do that without losing the ENTIRE $105.00 (the price of the room). There was no flexibility due to the fact that there were unforeseen circumstances. I can see charging a late cancellation fee but the entire room fee.

No.Not only that, I was unable to speak to a supervisor because they wouldn't let me.

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Here's an update.It turns out that La Quinta's cancellation policy is 6PM on the day of your arrival and they'll give you your money back. emailed and said that it's the hotel's policy. They're either lying or ignorant. To top it off, they actually use Priceline to book the rooms so it's really Priceline's policy.

I am so pissed.I will never book a room through anyone but the actual hotel again. doesn't allow cancellations

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I couldn't make it to the hotel I booked through thier website, so I called the hotel by 3PM the date of arrival.Figuring that was normal procedure, I would call prior to 5PM the date I was arriving.

The hotel did not answer, so I looked therouhg the paperwork to find how aI could contact them to make sure I releazsed the room .But, as I looedg through the confirmation, I noticed that, unlike any other cancellation policy I had encountered, you would be charge at least $25, and if you don't cancel prior to Noon the day before you arrive, you would be charged the full amount!!

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You didn't read the T&C before agreeing to them? Bet you will from now on.


Comfort Inn (SC080) 139 Motel Dr., Saint George, SC, US, 29477-0654

Phone: (843) 563-4180Fax: (843) 563-6817

Map/ DirectionsChoice Privileges Members

Who is the ***! Here is anh excerpt from the Comfor Inn's reservation Website...and this is not the oly one!

"Sign In Now to make sure you get your Choice Privileges® points on qualifying stays. We'll even pre-fill all required fields to make it fast and easy.

Username Password Sign In

Check-in Date: Saturday, Mar 17, 2012 3:00 PM Check-out Date: Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 11:00 AM

If you need to change or cancel this reservation, you may do so up until Saturday, March 17, 2012, before 4pm local hotel time.


YOU ARE WRONG !!!No company will allow a charge-free cancellation unless it is done at least 24 hours from the reservation.

And I would like to see you prove that one does. 3pm on the day of?

that's AFTER most hotels check-in time, you mor0n.You cost them money, so pay the money you owe. doesn't let you cancel a reservation

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I recently used to book two hotel rooms; one for my wife and me and one for a friend.I was usng dog friendly because they have a comprehensive list of hotels that allow you to bring your pet.

A few days later my friend advised that she would not be able to join us on our trip which was a weekend getaway in wine country. Since the trip was more than 3 weeks away, I contacted dogfriendly thinking I would be able to cancel one of the two rooms I booked. I was advised that if I read the very small print on their website I would have seen that they had a no cancellation policy.

I'll will be more careful in the future when I book on line, but in the meantime avoid dogfriendly.I am out $368!



I totally agree.I just needed to MOVE (not cancel) a reservation (three weeks ahead of the actual check in date) by one day.

I had called the hotel to confirm they had availability, which they did. was unwilling to budge. I had to cancel my reservation and pay $25. They were unwilling to help.

I re-booked it myself - and at a better rate!

It is easy to search for hotels that accept dogs just straight through Google search.Do not use


I will be traveling with my 90 pound dog to Dothan AL.I used to book a room at a Dothan motel, based on their website's assurance that "Dogs are welcome at this hotel." I then double-checked by calling the motel, only to be told that they would not accept my dog: he's too big.

So I attempted to cancel my reservation with, only to be told that they don't allow cancellations ... even though this is 4 full weeks ahead of my booking date.

I agree with the previous is a fraudulent scam website.


Don't use them

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