I recently used dogfriendly.com to book two hotel rooms; one for my wife and me and one for a friend.I was usng dog friendly because they have a comprehensive list of hotels that allow you to bring your pet.

A few days later my friend advised that she would not be able to join us on our trip which was a weekend getaway in wine country. Since the trip was more than 3 weeks away, I contacted dogfriendly thinking I would be able to cancel one of the two rooms I booked. I was advised that if I read the very small print on their website I would have seen that they had a no cancellation policy.

I'll will be more careful in the future when I book on line, but in the meantime avoid dogfriendly.I am out $368!

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I totally agree.I just needed to MOVE (not cancel) a reservation (three weeks ahead of the actual check in date) by one day.

I had called the hotel to confirm they had availability, which they did. Dogfriendly.com was unwilling to budge. I had to cancel my reservation and pay $25. They were unwilling to help.

I re-booked it myself - and at a better rate!

It is easy to search for hotels that accept dogs just straight through Google search.Do not use Dogfriendly.com.


I will be traveling with my 90 pound dog to Dothan AL.I used dogfriendly.com to book a room at a Dothan motel, based on their website's assurance that "Dogs are welcome at this hotel." I then double-checked by calling the motel, only to be told that they would not accept my dog: he's too big.

So I attempted to cancel my reservation with dogfriendly.com, only to be told that they don't allow cancellations ... even though this is 4 full weeks ahead of my booking date.

I agree with the previous comment.Dogfriendly.com is a fraudulent scam website.


Don't use them

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