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I couldn't make it to the hotel I booked through thier website, so I called the hotel by 3PM the date of arrival.Figuring that was normal procedure, I would call prior to 5PM the date I was arriving.

The hotel did not answer, so I looked therouhg the paperwork to find how aI could contact them to make sure I releazsed the room .But, as I looedg through the confirmation, I noticed that, unlike any other cancellation policy I had encountered, you would be charge at least $25, and if you don't cancel prior to Noon the day before you arrive, you would be charged the full amount!!

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You didn't read the T&C before agreeing to them? Bet you will from now on.


Comfort Inn (SC080) 139 Motel Dr., Saint George, SC, US, 29477-0654

Phone: (843) 563-4180Fax: (843) 563-6817

Map/ DirectionsChoice Privileges Members

Who is the ***! Here is anh excerpt from the Comfor Inn's reservation Website...and this is not the oly one!

"Sign In Now to make sure you get your Choice Privileges® points on qualifying stays. We'll even pre-fill all required fields to make it fast and easy.

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Check-in Date: Saturday, Mar 17, 2012 3:00 PM Check-out Date: Sunday, Mar 18, 2012 11:00 AM

If you need to change or cancel this reservation, you may do so up until Saturday, March 17, 2012, before 4pm local hotel time.


YOU ARE WRONG !!!No company will allow a charge-free cancellation unless it is done at least 24 hours from the reservation.

And I would like to see you prove that one does. 3pm on the day of?

that's AFTER most hotels check-in time, you mor0n.You cost them money, so pay the money you owe.

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